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About ECS Retail

The retail arm of the commercial world is fast paced, innovative and full of endless possibilities. We serve as an authority in this sector, providing amazing solutions for outfits across Nigeria.



Since 2015, ECS Retail Limited has been the go-to retail solution provider for customers in a wide variety of industries, including supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, cafés, and many others.

Equipment and solutions for refrigeration, shelving, bakeries, cold room, Ice cream parlor, and butcheries are just a few of the many services we offer to supermarkets.
We have completed projects of the finest quality for global and major corporations in this industry, including Shoprite, Market Square, Hartleys, Blenco, Justrite, and Jendol, among many others.

We have become one of the top three ranked one-stop solution providers due to our partnerships with industry-leading brands such as Gokcelik, Bartech, Valmar, Broaster, Ecocold, CB, Sirman, Icetro, and Waring Commercial amongst a significant number of others.

In addition to this, we provide essential services for hotels, restaurants, and cafes. At ECS Retail Limited, we assist our customers in setting up their businesses from the very beginning to the very end, ensuring a stress-free experience and providing high-quality equipment and service throughout the process.

Several of our customers, such as Chicken Republic, Blackbell, Bukka Hut, Nok by Alara, and Upbeat Recreational Centre, can vouch for our level of expertise. Not only do our customers rely on us, but they also have faith in us.

We always go the extra mile when it comes to ensuring that our customers are happy.

We accomplish this by:

• Providing a fully responsive and dedicated technical unit that can resolve issues in less than twenty-four hours under the
supervision of an expert.

• Offering a one-year warranty on our products which includes free maintenance services.

• Making sure the machines are reasonably priced in comparison to those offered by our competitors.

• Providing our clients with after-sale support that is prompt and ongoing at all times.

Our Values:
1. IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS: We fashion your dream retail experience
accordingly with the proper insight.
2. TAILORED SOLUTIONS: Be it a product or fabrication, we offer the best in quality and
functionality at all times.
3. UNRIVALED SUPPORT: We offer continuous supervision long after ideation and creation.

ECS Retail Limited is dedicated to providing you with an exceptional retail experience.

Call us today. You will be pleased you did.


What We Do

Our scope covers supermarkets, pharmacies, malls, bakeries, cold rooms, restaurants, hotels, cafes, and many more.

We provide supermarkets, bakeries, hotels, cafés, and restaurants with quality shelving, refrigeration, bakery, and kitchen equipment, which includes check-out counters, freezers, display chillers, meat chillers, food warmers, rotary ovens, dough mixers, dough dividers, rotisserie ovens, pressure fryers, butchering knives, meat grinders, meat slicers, among others. Additionally, we build and install cold rooms for preserving perishable items.

In addition, we also offer solutions for ice cream parlors. We provide everything you need to open an ice cream franchise with the proper training, quality gelato and soft-serve machines, delectable premixes, display scoop freezers, packaging, and more.

At ECS Retail, client satisfaction is a primary focus. You receive quick after-sales service across the nation whenever you make a purchase.

Our services include:
Requirement Consultancy
Layout Consulting & Drawing
Delivery and Installation.
After-sale Support.



Ideation and conceptualization are one of our biggest assets here at ECS. You have an idea of how your organisation should function, we bring it to life.

We work hand in hand with customers, allowing them full access to our processes as we create their dream experience.

To be Nigeria’s number one authority for all things retail.

To create amazing experiences for retail outfits that will in turn create amazing adventures for customers.


We recognize that speed, quality, and support are the pillars of a flawless retail experience, and we incorporate this knowledge into all our processes. We develop excellent solutions for our clients with efficiency, creativity, and teamwork. We have a well-trained and competent team on standby to deliver only the best services.

Here is how we work to develop and deliver the best solutions for our clients

  • Client Consultation and Needs Evaluation

  • Design of Concept, AutoCAD & 3D Design

  • Project acceptance and timeline agreement

  • On-site delivery of products

  • Installation

  • After Sales Support



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