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About ECS Cold Room

Our cold storage solutions ensure your products remain at their peak freshness, utilizing advanced technology to maintain optimal temperature and humidity conditions.

Our Panels are high density premium and anti-corrosive with interlock technology for airtight installations.

High density Panels ensure longer temperature retention, energy saving, airtight sealing, condensation prevention and cost -saving in the process.

ECS uses Tecumseh, Copeland and Bitzer equipment from Original Equipment Manufacturers. We do not cut corners.

24hrs fully dedicated Maintenance and Technical Team. Free Staff training on cold room operations and minor troubleshooting

The proof is in the numbers

As a leading cold room service provider in Nigeria. We help customers get more shelf life with affordable cost.

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3 Important Things To Consider For An Efficient Cold Room

Elevate your perishable goods’ longevity with our cutting-edge cold room storage solutions, engineered to maintain precise temperature control and humidity levels. Our customizable and scalable cold rooms cater to diverse industries, safeguarding products and extending shelf life.

  • Are high density premium with interlock technology for airtight installations
  • High density Panels ensures longer temperature retention and energy saving in the process unlike local panels.
  • Anti-corrosive

Cheaper Local Panels

These panels are less durable and will require replacement in less time. They take longer to achieve temperature with poor temperature retention amounting to more energy consumption and increased operational cost.

    • Are new and not refurbished unlike most others in the market.
    • High efficiency
    • Low power consumption (Save Diesel Cost)
    • 12-18 months warranty cover
    • Supported with control panels that incorporates protective devises for cold room durability

    Condensing unit

    Refurbished Condensers are mostly undetectable to the naked eyes with no lifespan guarantees.

    • 24hrs fully dedicated Maintenance and Technical Team
    • Free Staff training on cold room operations and minor troubleshooting.


    Poor installations will lead to incessant cold room breakdown and if coupled with poor after sales service may ground business for a long time.

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