ECS Nigeria: Your Number One Retail

The retail industry is one of Nigeria’s biggest and most expansive sectors, catering to over 100 million people in Africa’s biggest markets. The opportunities for endless growth and progress exist on all fronts from malls to supermarkets, bakeries, pharmacies and so much more. 

Top of the food chain in this gigantic sector is none other than Emel Corporate Solutions, ECS for short. The old-time Nigerian giant has rebranded over the years into one of Africa’s most impressive retail outfits with partnerships with major international brands. Providing solutions in retail development, deployment and sustenance, ECS Retail boasts of some of the most cutting edge innovations for supermarkets, kitchens, bakeries and even ice cream production. 

Providing Cutting Edge Solutions

ECS Retail offers a host of modern solutions for retail outfits across Nigeria. Their scope covers a wide range of retail categories such as warehousing, retail concept development, support, equipment procurement and management. This amazing retail expert offers a great selection of products for kitchens, bakeries, supermarkets, malls, pharmacies and so much more. These solutions range from shelving to Bakery Equipment, refrigeration equipment, bakery equipment, 3D design and after-sales services. 

  • Retail Concept Development: ECS offers an in-depth analysis of potential retail opportunities before proferring the right solution for clients. This aids them in creating the right retail experience for the right customer.
  • 3D Design and Layout: ECS offers clients the opportunity to visualise their dream retail outlet with the aid of design concepts. 

Industry Standard Equipment

If you’re looking for the best equipment for bakery, ice cream or kitchen, then ECS Retail is exactly your go-to authority. The brand is positioned as an authority in this space with partnerships with some of the major industry leaders across the world. Inoksan, Sirman, The Broaster Company, Vulcan, Sanelli, Bartech, Icetro, Valmar and Rubicone are a few of the top brass partners of ECS Retail. 

Extensive Support 

ECS Retail offers one of the most extensive After Sales Support in the industry. A whopping one year of continued interaction with in house experts on a wide range of solutions such as maintenance and optimization. The brand prides itself on this feature, calling it her most attractive offer yet. 

With its gigantic strides in the retail industry, ECS has positioned itself at the top of the food chain. You can catch a glimpse of this amazing brand at the Food and Beverage West Africa Exhibition 2022. 

The world-renowned exhibition conference will be held once again at the Landmark Event Center from the 14-16th of June 2022 and you can stop over at the ECS booth for a full experience. 

Think retail, think ECS!

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